Our Profile:

Arafat Factory . has different department for different technical jobs managed by separate technical team, such as Metallic or Steel division, Stainless Steel division, Aluminum division, Bronze division as follows:

1. Steel Division: It is a largest division and it has been segregated as follows:

a. Door division: Our company fabrication different types of doors such as emergency door, ordinary doors and fire exit doors etc.

b. Tank division: It is a separate division dedicated to fabricate different types and sizes of tanks such as drinking water tank, diesel/petrol tank etc.

c. Sign board or Advertising department: Fabricating and installing (Uniboll) for largest Advertising companies.

d. Sunshade umbrella department: Fabrication and installation of different types of sunshade and umbrellas.


2. Lathe Division: We have separate section for machining for all types of steel and ability for doing machining for shafts up to 5 meter long and heavy weight up to 10 tones. And fabrication spare parts.


3. Pressing division: Pressing the steel to make any types as much as our customer need.

4. Stainless Steel Division: It is a super specialized section for all types and techniques of stainless steel fabrication such as Front elevations, Column cladding, ceiling and handrail works etc.


5. Sand Blast division: This it a technically specialized for cleaning the rust and paint particle from the surface of steel before make proper Painting of Galvanize.


6. Nail Fabricating Division: Fabrication all Large Type of nails as per our customer’s requirements.


7. Galvanizing Division: It is a division specialized for steel galvanization to keep the steel from rust and shining.


8. Painting Division: After finished the fabrication different types of painting we perform such as spray paints and epoxy paints etc.


And we are performing so many other fabrications... contact with our engineers